Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Living Room.

I recently read on Houzz ( a great source of inspiration and information ) that the living room is the new Kitchen and Bathroom. Sellers and renovators alike are now putting their money into the living room area. According to Houzz, buyers want to see this room first, they want to imagine their own family gathering together in this space. Whether your living room is warm and cosy, dark and moody, full of light, minimalistic, small, large, grand, cute or cluttered, I believe this room more than any other shows your true personality. There is only so much you can do with a kitchen and bathroom and they are spaces that need to be functional , but you can go completely over board or keep it simple in your living room, the room may only have 1 chair and a side table or many chairs, couches, pictures and objects. The living room is a perfect space to just go for it and let your style, imagination and taste shine through.
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Monday, 2 November 2015

The Candle Library.

The Candle Library is a new on line market place located in Byron Bay, where you will find Australia's best selection of scented candles. The Candle Library appreciate quality products, so have hand picked each and every candle, and you can choose your candle by scent, type of candle or brand.  The Candle Library believes candles are special, so special in fact, that they deserve their own library. The Candle Library hopes to connect candle lovers with candle makers, they want to showcase artisan produce of the highest standard, so The Candle Library was born.
The Candle Library offers Australia's first candle subscription service where each month they share a new scent in a curated box delivered to your door. How exciting to have a new candle arrive every month, beautifully gift wrapped just for you, or what an amazing Christmas gift for family and friends.
The Candle Library also specialises in custom hand made candles for events, so if you have a wedding, christening or any type of function, why not arrange with The Candle Library personalised candles, they can discuss what kind of scent or vessel you would like to order. The Candle Library has too many candles to mention, so below are just a few stunning candles that you can purchase on line. Hope you enjoy The Candle Library's scented candles  as much as we do.

Matches $29.95

Blood Orange and Bergamot - Paddywax
Black Tea and Lychee 
Celebration Day 
Bitter Sweet Orange Blossom, Nerdi and Pine Bark

To purchase candles on line: www.thecandlelibrary.com