Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Emerald Island, Ireland.

While looking for information on Ireland,( our favourite home destination this week) I was amazed to learn that Ireland has 1000s of abandon and derelict castles, manor houses and cottages scattered across the Irish county side. Many still having pictures left on the walls or personal possessions strewn across tables or floors in more recent years. The Castles and Manor Homes were manly lost to fire, tenants not being able to pay their rent sending the land owners into bankruptcy, no heir born to take over the estate or death..
 Most beautifully haunting, and always reminding us of the past, our favourite homes this week in Ireland are abandoned.

Source: Images David Creedon


Over the decades the Historical Society of Ireland and private owners have loveingly restored many of these beautiful abandon homes.
Ballyporty Castle.
A private home owner has renovated Ballyporty Castle in County Clare, built in the 15th century, with a family living in the castle up until the 1810s, then left derelict and abandoned for years. The  ruin was purchased in the 1960s by Architect Robert Owen Brown from New York, with only 4 outer walls standing. The castle has been converted into a holiday home stay.
 The orginal Ballyporty Castle


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