Saturday, 17 May 2014

The Outdoor Room

Byron Bays summer is sadly over, we are very lucky here on the far north coast of NSW that our summers can last up to 6 month, but we have trouble accepting the cooler months, so our outdoor rooms become really important. We like to believe if we keep entertaining outside, the summer  may come around sooner, but no matter what season, the outdoor living space is ingrained in the Australian way of life. Weekend breakfast, Sunday brunches and drinks with friends have a richer flavour when taken outside. Whether your outdoor room is by a pool, in the back garden, used to prepare and cook food or to relax in the tub, it definitely gives you more options to entertain, de-stress and relax.
Today outdoor rooms are an integral part of the home, designed to extend interior spaces and enables us to reconnect with nature. I hope these outdoor room ideas get you through the cold of winter, or get you warmed up for summer.

2 chairs and a table can be an outdoor room.

My favourite Pool House.

Would love to have a bath in this garden.

These tiles makes this outdoor space amazing.
Even in the middle of a paddock the outdoor room can be an intimate space.

No matter how small your outdoor space is, it can still be incredibly functional.


What a great area to cook up a BBQ and enjoy being outside.
Best outdoor space ever.

Please invite me for an Al Fresco lunch here.

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