Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Favourite Australian House.

I thought being Australia Day I would would share with you my favourite Australian home of all time.
The house is in the beautiful town of Byron Bay NSW, and was once owned by the renowned Australian artist David Bromley, hence all the art work, sculptors etc through out the home and garden. David has moved to Melbourne, where he and his wife Yuge have 2 stores filled with art, fashion and interiors, one at 93-95 Chapel St Windsor and the other at 45a Vincent St Daylesford in country Victoria, they also have the East St Art Gallery in the same town.
You can now rent the home from airbnb.com.au for a $1000 a night. That might sound expensive, but it sleeps 13 (that works out be around $79 per person.) I think its well worth it to get together a bunch of friends for a night in my favourite house.

The house is quite unassuming from the street.

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