Sunday, 19 January 2014

Out of Africa

Out of Africa
Africa sprawls from Egypt and Morocco in the north, and down to Namibia and Mozambique and South Africa in the south, making the interior design style incredibly interesting and very eclectic.
African style has become a popular look over the last couple of yours, and I have to admit it's not a style that I have used that often, but I think that's all about to change. I now realise that African Style and Australian Style are very alike, and it's all about the inside space becoming the outside space.
As quoted by designer Suzanne Kasler (article from House Beautiful magazine)" It's the ultimate indoor-outdoor living. As long as your OK with rhinos on the lawn and cheetahs sitting on the sofa."
I realise that not all African homes have animals roaming around, but the idea is very foreign but romantic, and I would personally love to live in a place were you are so close to nature and the beautiful wild life.

African style usually incorporates neutrals, earth and wooden tones with a splash of colour.
The new
Dulux colour range Digital Nomad will give you plenty of ideas to put together a colour range using these neutral creams, coffees and taupe's, then add splashes of Regalia, Red Clown or Hot Chillie to feature walls, cushions and accessories


 Great ideas to add pops of colour to an African themed room with mainly neutral tones

 Wooden tribal masks, carvings and figurines are a quintessential African style and will transfer any neutral space into a striking room, along with wooden flooring in plain hard wood either in Teak, Mahogany or Bamboo, sisal or sea-grass carpet, tribal rugs, African art work of animals, tribal prints or batik will all come together to make your home feel like you have been transported to Africa.

African animals play a big part in African interior design, and are commonly seen on walls or floors
Animal hide rugs are not every ones cup of tea, so just replace your cow, zebra, tiger or what ever  you like with faux hide rugs

 Tribal baskets, and easy solution for a bare wall

 African masks all have a special meaning to each tribe.Try to find out the story behind the mask and their history. Every face has a story.

 Tribal rugs with amazing hand died colours make the wooden floors become more exciting.
Finally this beautiful home from Kenya designed by Suzanne Kasler.
The brief from the owners, mix African and British Traditions together, keeping it organic, with a seamless connection from inside to out.Any animal or person can simply stroll inside ,it's a whole new way of living.

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