Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bauhaus Design, a German Style home in a historical Israeli Avenue.

 With the Australia Day long weekend ( living in Byron Bay we had lots of visitors ) and painting the living room in Pink ( Porters Paint colour Man Pink ) this is just a short blog for a short week.
This week the home we have chosen from Germany has a bit of a twist. The home is a Bauhaus School inspired design, but was built in Israel. The famous German design school was founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, and the schools basic belief was Form Follows Function. The students studied Artistry and Craft across all designs, keeping it simple, down to earth and ornament free. The Bauhaus movement basically started the minimal style that we still see today in beautiful homes around the world. I think this private residence built in the historic centre in Haifa's French Carmel  district Israel, is a great example.

Source: www.miss-design.com
Modern Design can be too simple or too cold, but if well planned can bring Calm and Simplicity into any room. The modern style suits apartments and small spaces because it makes a room seem bigger. Minimal textures, Geometric shapes, Neutral tones and pops of Colour are major keys to Bauhaus modern Design.

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