Monday, 7 April 2014

Selling your Home?
Alida and Miller were asked last year to stage homes that are coming up for sale for a local real estate agent, and they also asked for suggestions to pass onto their clients. I hope these ideas help boost your homes re-sale value, or you might fall in love with your home all over again and stay.
 Learn what buyers in your local area are looking for, talk to real estate agents, builders or interior designers to find out what kind of homes in your area are most in demand.
Street appeal is really important, this is a potential buyers first impression of your home and could be a deal breaker. Give your home a power wash, washing your exterior and paths can make your home look like new for very little money, you can hire a gurney at the local hardware if you don't own one. Give your exterior a coat of paint if you think it needs it.  Buy a new front door or paint it  if it's not up to scratch, this is were the buyer will be entering, make a good impression.

Great Street Appeal.
Not so Great.
Not so great, but easily fixed, just tidy up and put away trailer, garbage bin etc, the garden is already well kept and the lawn looks well maintained.
Invest in your garden, if money allows, hire a landscape gardener. Dead grass and brown dirt can turn buyers off. Laying new grass can make a huge improvement. In our climate, buyers want to see were their out door setting area could be situated, and if there is a deck or setting area in the garden you want them to be able to imagine spending summers days with family and friends.

Great Lawn for potential buyers imagining their children running around.
Who wouldn't want to sit in this out door area.

Remove eye sores from your home, declutter, steam clean carpets, pull carpets up if too old, tear down old wallpaper, and change old light fittings to new ones, keeping the look simple and contemporary.

 Perfectly Staged Living room for selling.

If the Kitchen and bathroom are old and out dated ditch them and replace if you have the budget. In my experience a new Kitchen and Bathroom can add up to $30,000 extra to your home, and if your budget does not allow it, repaint cabinets, replace appliances to energy star rated and replace old out dated tiles on your kitchen back splash.
Great Kitchen for Selling.

Open your home up and let the sunshine in, install new French Doors if the old ones are out dated aluminium ones, this will also help make the space in the room look bigger. If you call in a carpenter to install your new doors also ask if he can install storage were ever possible. This is a big selling point and for most buyers it is on their top 10 list of must haves when purchasing their home.

The most important change you can make to your home in my experience is Paint, Paint, Paint. A freshly painted room will always look amazing if you keep to fresh crisp colours, whites and greys, creams and neutrals. You don't have to avoid all colour, but if you do decide to use colour stick with the colours that are on trend.
These French Doors open up the space and fill the room full of light, the greys an whites used in this room keep it fresh and modern.

 Really good examples of de-cluttering, new paint and keeping the room crisp and contemporary.

Great use of colour, the bed room looks a million bucks and the living room has a strong accent colour but not over powering and very on trend

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