Saturday, 12 April 2014

A 1,000 Shades of Grey

Grey seems be to be the hot new colour at the moment, but its not new, and the French and Scandinavians have been using it for centuries. Why? because it  such a damn good colour. I love the colour Grey and have been using it for years. I have friends tell me how much they loath Grey, but the reason  seems to stem back to their school days, and the catch cry is always the same, I hated my school uniform (that just happened to be the colour Grey). Thank goodness those Grey uniform days are gone, and the new Greys emerging are literally over 1,000 different shades and colours to choose from.
There are Greys so pale they almost look white, and so dark they become black, and every other Grey in between. I find Grey versatile, and calming, Grey won't compete against art work or furnishings when used on the walls, and every other colour and texture pop out with exuberance when combined with Grey. And Grey has been rearing it's not so ugly head on the cat walks at the 2014 fashion weeks, Winter and Spring Collections

 The French defiantly know how to use Grey, these photos give you an idea of how Grey can be used.

Even peeling Grey paint can look good.

The Grey and White chair really makes this room come alive.


My eye is drawn straight to the Grey in this picture.

The best feature, the Grey shutters and the Grey floor boards.

So Light Grey, almost White.
The Gap has always used Grey.
 New York Fashion Week. Michael. Kors Spring Collection 2014

 New York Fashion Week 2014 Winter Collection.

 The Scandinavians have had a love affair with Grey for centuries, and you would think with their climate they would use more colour, but Greys and Whites have always worked beautifully in the Nordic Home.


 Again my eyes are drawn to the Grey and White photo of the old man in this picture.


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