Monday, 9 June 2014

I Am Black And Blue All Over.
I have fallen for the dark colours on walls, floors and ceilings that have been seen recently every were. I still like the soft greys and the 100 different shades of white, but personally I would prefer to paint a room in these romantic, bold and sophisticated dark blacks and blues.
Dark colour on walls to me makes the room more dramatic, and if you surround yourself with colours that you love, you will create a timeless home, so go on be bold and have a go. It can be quite daunting to paint your entire room in these out there colours , but with the right lighting whether it be artificial or natural, and using light coloured furniture and accessories, it will balance the dark walls, floors and ceilings better.
And if you are worried about making the room seem smaller with such dark colour, it can actually work in the opposite way, making the walls seem like they are receding because the corners of the room are difficult to differentiate giving the room a larger feeling.
I think Abigail Ahern, one of my favourite Interior Designers is a master at dark coloured rooms, so with some of Abigail's great ideas and inspiring pictures from here, I hope you can take a leap of faith and maybe paint your favourite room this weekend in that dark black or blue that you know you have always wanted.


Abigail Aherns amazing take on dark coloured rooms.

Abigail Ahern: 

Dulux Romantic Spirit Colour Range is a great place to start to help you choose the dark colour that you are looking for.

Paint your architraves, wall panelling and chair rail to get that sophisticated look.



Have you ever thought about painting the walls brown, here are some great ideas to make any room look inviting and cosy.

I am still liking the Greys, and I don't think they will ever be out of trend.

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