Sunday, 15 June 2014

We Can Dream
I was in Sydney recently and visited a multi million dollar home. The price tag was mind boggling, but the house it self was incredible, and it got me thinking what makes a multi million dollar home? So I decided to do some research and found the main denominator was location, location, location. From New York to Sydney, from Sydney to the Bahamas and over to Paris or Italy, the fundamental ingredient of these multi million dollar homes is the amazing Architecture, stunning Decor and Interior Design, lushes Landscaping and Gardens, bespoke Craftsmanship and an incredible eye to detail (some really tacky decor and interior designing is also going on. ) but the one thing that stands out in all of these homes is the view. They all have million dollar views to die for, and even though only a small minority of us could ever own a home like this, I think we all like to have a sticky beck around to actually see how the rich and famous live.

This home is worth $28,000,000 US and is in the San Francisco Bay Area. The home is reminiscent of a European Castle. The home is on 6.5 acres, has 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms an elevator, a Indoor and Out door pool, Guest House and a Care Takers Apartment.

The ground and the up keep of this house would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, you would have to be a multi millionaire  just to maintain it

This Bermuda home is worth $38,000,000 is on 4.27 acres. The property consists of the Main House with 5 bedrooms, pool, gym tennis court, 2 storey library an orchard and 3 Guest Cottages all on the waters edge.

 OMG this is the view from the Main Home, and you have your own private beach.


The last house is in St Bart's and is named Villa Teman, defiantly my favourite.

This residence will set you back $19,631,736 US, the property is on 1/2 an acre with 2 pools, an equestrian centre, walking trails and bike tracks. The main house has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. 

A great example of how amazing the views have to be.

I could absolutely live here, ( who wouldn't !!! ) and you would never need to go on a vacation.

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