Monday, 18 August 2014

West Indies and The Caribbean Style.
Alida and Miller are sourcing furniture and decor for a client who's brief is to "design my home in a Caribbean feel". And the more I research this beautiful interior design ideas, the more I have come to love it.
The British left a distinct style of interior and exterior design behind when they colonised the larger West Indies and the Caribbean. The design was influenced by the climate, culture and their surroundings, with the British government sending business men and political figures to settle in these exotic places.These settlers brought with them the decor and furnishings from their English homes, mixing traditional English with local styles and materials. And the results are stunning



 Source:India Hicks Home

 Source: The Atlantic Byron Bay

 Source: Elle Decor

 Source:Elle Decor

 Source :Elle Decor

 Source: Architectural Digest

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