Sunday, 13 July 2014


Browsing through The Selby the other day I came across Margherita Missoni and was blown away by her beautiful home. Margherita Missoni is the heiress, fashion model and ambassador to her grandparents fashion house Missoni. I am not a real label lover, but I do love Missoni and the Missoni Home Collection, probably because it is so colourful and timeless.
Rosita and Ottavio started the brand in the early 50s, and "mixed and matched patchwork pattern with geometric, zig-zag and stripes morphing into an extraordinary kaleidoscope effect where colours blend into tones and imagination and never underestimated simplicity." Quote by Lulu Berton.
Missoni did not stop just at fashion and in the mid 90s launched Missoni Home, transferring fashion into the world of design.
 Margherita Missions' Home



Source: The Selby
Missoni Home Collection



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