Friday, 14 November 2014

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree.

The every green fir Christmas tree has been traditionally used for centuries, and its origins are believed to have started in Europe during the winter solace period. Bringing greenery into the home helped the cold winter brighten up and reminded them of better times to come in spring. If you couldn't cut down your own tree or not able afford one, people would make pyramids out of wood and decorate them with coloured paper, apples and candles. Living in Australia we don't need to be reminded of our beautiful spring as our winters are not that severe. I like the idea of using other materials to make a Christmas Tree and have a new take on the look, as we don't have to follow European ideas and can make the style of a Christmas our own. Here are some ideas for your own Christmas tree and decorations this summer as the 25th of December is just around the corner.

Great idea if your Christmas is at the beach.
How to re-use old Christmas cards.

I love this idea, hanging the tree from the ceiling.
 Source: www.bohemiantreehousedotcom.wordpress

Great idea for gift wrapping.
If you don't have a tree just draw one on the wall.
 Simple, but stunning.

How cleaver.
Bring a potted tree indoors.

A Christmas tree that you can eat. Perfect.

Source: pinterest.

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