Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Location Envy

Alida and Millers team are privileged to see some amazing homes in great locations, and at times get a little house and location envy, but then realise how fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful part of Australia, Byron Bay. With breath taking surroundings, beautiful beaches and properties than can sell upwards of $10,000,000. Unfortunately in our shire there are times when a very artistic, architecturally designed one off project is put into council that no doubt will be rejected. I understand there has to be building codes, but feel the creativity and unusual design of a home can be lost on council, and they seem to refuse to open up their minds. If the building does apply to council regulations, why not that let that home owner go for it, and then we can all enjoy the visual  beauty. These photos are perfect examples of homes that are in spectacular surroundings. I understand that some of them are illegal dwellings, and have been built out of necessity rather than practicality, but I would still like to visit these places and the buildings, and take in the outrages designs.

The Maldives. Absolute House Envy.
Source: www.pinterest.
 Source:www.xaxor.com.                  Japan

 Source: pinterest.com

 Source: www.meebal.com
This house is in Serbia on the Drina River. It was constructed in 1968 and has defiantly stood the test of time. Source: 2knowabout.blogspot.com
 This building is in the Ukraine, and houses potato's. The shape is so trucks can come underneath the structure and have the potato's loaded in the back.
Source: www.stuffkit.com

 This palace is a summer house for a Yemen prince. The castle is named Dal al Ha jar, and has been cut into the mountain rock
Source: www.worldsmostunique.com
 This rock house is in Japan and you are able to get to it by Cable Car
Source: www.bscritter.com.

 Source:www.myunusual.com. These tree houses remind me of The Cat in The Hat
Yes this is real. This tourist attraction is in the Fafe Mountains in Portugal
Source: www.funmozer.com
 Source: pinterest.com

Absolute location envy. Cinque Terre, Tuscany, Italy
Source: www.funmozer.com

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