Friday, 3 April 2015

An interview with ISLA Collective.

Every month Alida and Miller will interview their favourite creative people. They may be in fashion, design, food, retail or just hanging out at our place, they will all be someone we admire and who inspires us to be more creative ourselves. Our first team that we interviewed was ISLA Collective Byron Bay.

ISLA Collective.
Born, bred and based in one of Australia's most beautiful beach towns Byron Bay, the label ISLA Collective is a fresh take on basics. The ocean is where Katie and Ayla identify their style, where they spend their time together to find happiness and inspiration. Their pieces are the staples in your wardrobe. Hand printed stripes, soft denim and quality leather is their trade mark. With babies, husbands and households to run, they still find time to put out an extraordinary range for ISLA Collective. Natural and effective - simple & consistent, this sums up the girls clothing.

Introduce Yourself?
K: Hi, I'm Katie and my business partner is Ayla, and together we are ISLA Collective.
A: Katie and I own the Business ISLA Collective.

 How did you get started?
K: Bit of a far fetched dream that turned reality, we still pinch ourselves all the time.
A: We started out wanting to design jewellery. We ended up making samples of cloths.
Can't believe where we are now!!

Why Here?
K: We are locals in Byron and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Byron is a creative hub, and our aesthetic comes from the ocean and our lifestyle.
A: What she said.

Model: Maren Slettvold. Photographer: Ellie Connan.

Which style era most influences you?
K: The now.
A: Clean cut, fresh, simple, feminine, tomboy, denim.

Describe your business ethos in 3 words.
K: Strong, laid back, simple
A: Luxe, strong, relaxed.

Model: Gabrielle Sullivan. Photographer: Carly Brown.

Katie spending time in her favourite place.

Where do you see your self in 5 years?
K: Hopefully booming.

Who is your favourite person to stalk on Instagram?
K: Henrik Purienne photographer.
A: Jennifer Stenglein also a photographer.

Model: Mimi Elashiry.

What would your last meal be, if the world was to end.
K: A big burrito.
A: Hot cross buns.

Kiss- Kill or Marry.
K: Kiss- Pharell. Kill- Christian Grey. Marry-Isabel Lucas.
A: Kiss- Usher. Kill Ryan Gosling. Marry-Johny Depp.

Model: Kendall Lee Schuler. Photographer: Robin Maher.

ISLA Collective can be found in over 18 stores, and of course on their own online shop at Alida and Miller have no doubt that ISLA Collective has a big future ahead of them. They will be BOOMING. Dreams can come true.
Have a great Easter.

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