Monday, 23 June 2014

No Escaping.

There is no escaping it, colour is every where.

Here at Alida and Miller we love colour, don't get me wrong we also enjoy working with whites, greys and blacks, but personally I relish working with different colours, and when you have picked the right colour scheme for that room or exterior, it is so rewarding when you see all the colours of the walls, furniture, décor, pictures and rugs come together. And nothing makes me happier than the exterior of homes or buildings painted in colour.
The human eye can recognise 7,000,000 different colours, with yellow being the first colour the eye will register, and certain colours tend to evoke specific feelings and ideas. Red, Orange and Yellow are warm colours and make us feel happy and optimistic, Green, Blue and Purple are the cooler colours and usually make us feel calmed and soothed  The most dramatic way to change an environment is through colour, and the colour of a home or building can give us an insight into a culture, the colour can tell us a story of it's life, when was it built, who lived there, the occupants status in the community and what resources of pigment they had at the time.
The  homes and buildings below are form around the world, they are stunningly beautiful to immensely tacky, but they all have one thing in common, their colours make me happy.

Source: Pintrest
St James

Source: Pintrest


Polland Source:
Buenos Aires Source:

 India. Source:

Australia- Melbourne Source:

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