Thursday, 3 July 2014

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs

Alida and Miller were in Melbourne last week and decided to take a weekend break and visit the beautiful country towns of Daylesford and Hepburn, we were joined by our BFFs and stayed at the gorgeous Oaks House on Main St in the heart of Hepburn for 3 nights, and if we had more time, would have loved to stay longer, but back to work we go..
The Daylesford/Hepburn area was settled in 1838 and gold was found in 1851 helping the towns prosper. A majority of the gold miners came from the Ticino region of Switzerland influencing the look and designs of most of the houses in the area giving them that Swiss- Italian look.
Daylesford is 1/12 hours drive from Melbourne and has become the getaway for city slickers, with so much natural beauty, the spas, the springs, great pubs and historic homes it's easy to see why.
The shopping was a bit of a disappointment as we decided to have our spa day on the Monday( the best experience of the entire weekend) and shop on the Sunday, but most of the home wear shops were closed or the style of the interior décor didn't really appeal, luckily we stumbled upon The Amazing Mill Market as we were driving around the country side, and spent the next couple of hours wondering through the hundreds of leased space for dealers to show there wears from retro to antique to down right ugly. It was raining outside and the temperature was around 4c,so a great way to spend our wintery afternoon.

Our home for 4 days, Oak House on Main, would highly recommend a stay if visiting Hepburn.

The sights we saw.
Photographer: Kit Scholley 

Trying to find some good cafes and home wear boutiques, unfortunately only a couple were found. I think living in Byron Bay we are very spoiled for choice, both in home wears and great cafés and restaurants, and while I was researching articles on Daylesford, the place is often describe as an alternative lifestyle town, didn't really find that vibe.
Cliffy's Emporium Café 


Two places we did enjoy though was The Farmers Arms and Cliffy's Emporium, Cliffy's motto being " we support the people who produce the food and turn what we receive into interesting soups, salads and dinners every week" Cliff'y's offers the largest range of local and regional  produce in the area with an emphases on organic and seasonal foods, not only was the food good but the café was really WARM( open fire, amazing) and the staff were polite and eager to help with the menu. The Farmers Arms, the oldest pub in town, dating back to 1857 had a huge range of dishes to chose from and the pub has a great atmosphere, our food was fantastic and if you are thinking of visiting Daylesford I would highly recommend a visit.

The Mill Markets
The Amazing Mill Markets. Make sure you have a couple of hours to spare this place is huge.

I have kept the best to last, and defiantly Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa is a place you must visit, the bath house has been opened since 1895 and I would go back to Hepburn just to relax in these amazing pools of mineral water in a heart beat. The temperature of the pools range between 32c-35c, with the relaxation pool at 32c, the spa pool at 35c and the salt therapy pool also at 35c. The Bathhouse provides traditional communal bathing and is open all year round, bookings are essential. The cost for the Bathhouse is $40.50 Friday to Monday and public holiday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday $27 for 2 hours. There is also a Spa that includes facials, massages, body masks and wraps etc.

 The Relaxation Pool
Salt Therapy Pool
 The Spa Pool

The bathhouse took 4 years to complete at a cost of $13,000,000 and I personally think it was money well spent. This spa bathhouse will be here for many years to come with generation after generation being able to enjoy these amazing mineral waters in Hepburn.

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